67.5km of mountain bike trail designed and £237,000 of funding secured in the last 3 years

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Mountain biking has grown by 7 – 10% over last three years and is now worth £49.5m per year to the Scottish economy. sportscotland, 10th March 2014

Would you like to join hundreds of other organisations – from schools to adventure centres, and even wind farms – who are now reaping the benefits that mountain bike trails and other facilities can offer?

Founded by Tom Durham, founder chairman of the award-winning Scottish Mountain Biking Consortium, Collective Trax can help make this dream a reality.

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, both as a guide and a ground worker, Tom has an in-depth understanding of what makes for a great trail – and how to achieve it.

From pinpointing the ideal site to helping you secure the necessary funding, Collective Trax can help you every step of the way – and make sure your trail construction matches your unique requirements and design.

But why not let Tom explain more in person – with a free on-site consultation?

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Trail Design & Consultancy

A great riding experience begins with a properly designed trail.

And with over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Collective Trax founder Tom Durham can certainly give you a solid professional opinion  on how to achieve this.

But of course, no two projects are the same and every organisation has its own unique requirements, objectives and ideas.

So why not let Tom come and see you on-site, anywhere in Scotland, for a free consultation?

You’ll get the benefit of free expert advice, and the chance to discuss in detail exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.

And you’ll receive a free PDF follow-up report with tailored suggestions, whether you go ahead with the proposal or not.


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Trail Construction

Just as important as the design is making sure your trail is built to a high standard.

Trail construction techniques differ for every trail, and often within particular sections – so you need a professional mountain bike trail builder to ensure that the best method is utilised at each stage

As an experienced guide, coach and trail designer, Collective Trax founder Tom Durham understands the difference a well-made trail makes not only to the riding experience, but crucially to the safety of users.

When it comes to building your trail, Collective Trax can take care of the whole process for you using trusted, reliable subcontractors.

But if you prefer to use your own contractor, Tom will work on-site with them to ensure your trail is built with the correct rhythm and flow for optimal enjoyment and safety.


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Portable Bike Tracks

If you’re looking for a more flexible option – or don’t have the budget or space to commit to a purpose built trail right now – a portable bike track could be the answer.

The Shoretrax Portable Bike Track System:

  • Is lightweight and compact – for easy storage and transport
  • Can be assembled quickly without tools, on any flat surface
  • Can be set up in an almost infinite number of layouts
  • Offers progressive feature options – great for coaching mountain bike skills

But why not see it for yourself?

Book a free demonstration and Collective Trax will come to your site – anywhere in Scotland – to set up the track and show you exactly how it works.


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About Collective Trax

I’m Tom Durham, former chairman of the award-winning Scottish Mountain Biking Consortium and founder of Collective Trax.

With over 15 years’ experience in the mountain biking industry, I’ve seen first-hand the challenges people face when designing, building and using different tracks. As well as the excitement, pride and financial rewards experienced when a great track really pays off.

I founded Collective Trax in 2012 to help more organisations – from small community groups and schools to large commercial organisations – take advantage of all the benefits that a professional mountain biking trail can bring.

I deal personally with all clients, and visit them all on-site before, during and after construction to maintain a high level of service and ensure delivery of an excellent facility.

To find out more, just get in touch using the contact details below.

I look forward to working with you.


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